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JFK and Jackie in a diner, 1960.   Like Edward Hopper's 'Nighthawks'.

John F. Kennedy and Jackie in a diner in Oregon, Fall What a great Camelot-era photo! The vertical blind shadows and Jackie's (imagined) "whatever, cheater; it's coffee time" pose are retrospectively awesome.

Kennedy assassination: memory and myth refuse to die after 50 years

John F Kennedy - Calm - "He was a very good man, he somehow managed to always keep himself calm in a crazy situation.

The JFK Legacy - Project Syndicate

President John F. Kennedy speaks on the nation’s space effort, Rice University, Houston, Texas, September

BBC 2 JFK Assassination Minute by Minute.

President John F. Kennedy First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally ride through the streets of Dallas Texas on November 22 1963 the day of Kennedy’s assassination.

What if JFK had lived?

What if JFK had lived?

Milliband on JFK

David Miliband's speech on the lessons from JFK: full text

The Camelot delusion: JFK's Legacy 50 years on.

The Camelot delusion: John F Kennedy’s legacy 50 years on Tears are cheap and so, to a certain extent, are words. Deeds are what counts and .

John F Kennedy: 50th anniversary of a conspiracy theory | Chris French

Judge Orders Lee Harvey Oswald’s Original Coffin To Go To Brother, Who Will Probably Destroy It

President John F. Kennedy's Place in History

JFK IS THE BEST MODERN PRESIDENT? What about Ike? The man who balanced the budget, got us out of Korea within 6 months, created NASA and launched the most successful economic stimulus program in history: the Interstate Highway System.