It was on every Sunday night

The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. --- We ALL looked forward to Sunday evening (every family w/a t. watched the same movie on Sunday, it seemed) ---

I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley, with a tail for doing jobs of every kind, but I mustn't treat it roughly or too harshly, for it's such a useful thing to have behind.

I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley! We named our Basset Hound Parsley!

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Mr Benn

Festive Road is an ordinary, terraced street. Neighbours chat over fences and children and dogs play on the pavement. Mr Benn lives at number

Saturday morning tv

Champion The Wonder Horse with Rebel, Ricky and Uncle Sandy Sept 1955 March 1956

Pinky and Perky - I watched them avidly and even had their vinyl record!

Pinky & Perky (come play with us forever and ever and ever. :p Pinky & Perky used to give me the wiggins, can you tell?

Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Some Mothers Do Ave 'Em one of my earliest memories watching this with my parents.

The Adventures of Black Beauty is a British children's television drama series produced by London Weekend Television and shown by ITV in the United Kingdom between 1972 to 1974.

Black Beauty TV Show - I loved this horse- my first crush

Television programme that always came on when I was off sick from school. Loved this!

How we used to live. - A school's programme that was watched by those at home in the afternoon, this was before the TV programs that are shown now

Hong kong fooey number one super guy

Pay the right price and you can roll around town with Hong Kong Phooey and his cat companion, Pat.