Südfriedhof, Leipzig, Alemania.

Life size Male statue, tombstone, cemetery cemeteries, Look at him holding on to the crypt door and sobbing.

The candle in the window is a common Christmas decoration in most Irish homes. The candle in the window symbolizes many things, but the oldest is the most important of all.

By klikatu

As I walk on the skinny ice on the ocean all alone, something pulls me in." Then I see a boy underwater with me.

Dancer and desk “And even this heart of mine has something artificial. The dancers have sewn it into a bag of pink satin, pink satin slightly faded, like their dancing shoes.

Florence Statues

Achilles and Polyxena, sculpture by Pio Fedi (living with the statues of Florence, Ann Street Studios). What awes me about this work is the hands of Achilles and the indentations they make on Polyxena's skin. Fedi had a knack for the details.