Rocky robin cake. use strawberrys for the robins and a tootsie roll for the tree and regular frosting spread smooth

Rocky robin cake

Rocky robin cake Get creative with your Christmas cake icing - these robins are super cute and really easy to model

Christmas Cake Decorating                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Christmas Cake Decorating

Colorful Christmas Parcels Tiered Holiday Cake - an idea only here.I couldn't find instructions, but maybe you could!

Cake Decorating Ideas: Fondant Snowflakes - let the video keep playing to see more fondant ideas.

Cake Decorating Ideas: Fondant Snowflakes

A super-simple yet effective Christmas cake decoration, especially if you want a modern looking cake

Star sparkle cake

Easy Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas - don't really even like Christmas cake however for this decoration I defo would make it

Christmas cake in golds & white                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Not a traditional fruit cake, but instead a Chocolate & Orange cake. Had a free-hand in the design but sat looking a blank white cake for a while! But after rooting through my ribbon drawer, took inspiration from some gorgeous gold ribbon.

Cake Will Add Sparkle To Any Christmas Table Single 8 Serves 25

I love this silver, white and purple themed Christmas cake is brought to life with the use of edible glitter. Call them stars or snowflakes, but they're elegant.

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