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a painting of an old woman wearing a top hat
The Quiltmaker - David W. J. Lloyd - Giclée Art Print - Welsh Lady, Patchwork
a woman standing in front of a house with birds flying over her and the sky
Mary's Sermon - Egryn Chapel
At the turn of the 20th century, a religious fervour gripped north Wales, and strange lights were seen in the sky. It centred around the tiny chapel at Egryn, and the sermon's delivered by Mary Jones. This is my attempt to bring the story to life, and is available as a limited edition from Etsy.
an old black and white photo of two people standing in front of a tent with fireworks
Mrs Brân’s Travelling Phantasmagorical Revival Show - Digital Art
This image started out as a badly formed bit of AI art, but then I did a huge amount of editing to create the image seen here. Using old photos from my collection and some digital paint, the aim was to recreate a fever-dream sermon all fire and brimstone. Framed original is available to buy from Artfinder.
an old time photo with people dressed in costumes
In Annwn, Everything Is Fine - The Blessing - Surreal Folk Horror Giclée Print
Digital artwork by David W. J. Lloyd. In the mystical land of Welsh mythology, everything is fine, especially today, for it is the day of the blessing. This Giclée Print is taken from a 1/1 mixed media digital piece, produced with a mixture of vintage and antique vernacular photography from the artist's collection, digital paint and AI-generated elements
a drawing of a woman laying in bed next to a man with antlers on his head
The Call Of The Tylwyth Teg - Giclée Print From Drawing By David W. J. Lloyd - Fairies, Fairy
I discovered a captivating postcard on eBay, a slumbering child watched over by an angel, captured in early 20th century Germany. I reimagined it as a tribute to Welsh Fay folk, the Tylwth Teg. After a rollercoaster bidding experience, I finally secured it and transformed it into a drawing, now available in this print.
a group of men standing next to each other near a lake
Days Gone - Contagion - Original Art Print By David W. J. Lloyd - Plague Doctors, Illness
From a vintage photo, possibly 1920s, emerged a powerful image of men in a time of plague. Its small size posed a challenge, but I was determined to create something impactful. With experimentation, perseverance and digital magic, Contagion was born—a reflection on the past years and the global journey.
a group of men standing next to each other in front of a tree with birds flying over it
The Day Of Opening - 2022 - Original Digital Artwork By David W. J. Lloyd
This piece is made from a mixture of old photos in my collection, and some elements generated by MidJourney AI and a pinch of folklore and mythology. In a field, somewhere in long distant memory, it is time, the day of opening has arrived. This is currently on display in Morgan Arcade in Cardiff, a part of the Pallet Arts exhibition.
two people sitting at a table with a wheel in front of them and trees behind them
In Annwn, Everything Is Fine - An Accord, Of Sorts - Art Print, Wall Art
A simple scene, a discussion, a pot of tea, and a spinning wheel. But someone's fate is about to be sealed, and he's stood there watching, not knowing what that decision is. Available in 2 sizes as a Giclée art print.
a painting of an old woman wearing a top hat and holding her hands on her chest
The Quiltmaker - Wall Art Giclée Print - Welsh Lady, Vintage Patchwork Quilt
Available in 3 sizes, this giclée print is taken from a watercolour painting I made to celebrate both Welsh ladies, and one of their finest creations, Welsh patchwork quilts. Sure she's an austere lady, but there's magic in her fingers...
a woman standing in front of a building with flames coming out of the sky behind her
Hope - Giclée Wall Art - Burning World, Faith, Religion, End Times
Some days, I feel like the end of the world is here. Some days feel like all is lost. This is my response to those days, and a reminder to myself, that as long as hope exists, all is not lost. The image itself started out as a drawing as a part of the Inktober event in 2021. Then I had this crazy idea, 'why not try and make a photographic version of the drawing?' So I set out to do just that, to turn ink to a digital piece. I used several photographs from my collection to create the composition.
a drawing of mushrooms with a fox in the background
Fly Agaric - Art Print - Fox, Fairy, Forest Floor, Red Mushroom
A chance encounter with some colourful mushrooms in a forest in North Wales led to this picture. I'd never seen these mushrooms in the wild, so was chuffed to actually find some on a forest walk. I took some photos, and used them as the basis to make this image. The fox was added in from some free stock photo, the little fairy figure a fun after thought, and it was made with a mix of inks and watercolour. The original has been sold and now lives in the USA, the print is available in 3 sizes.
a drawing of four men sitting next to each other on a bench in front of a house
Old Giants Resting - Art Giclée Print - Drawing, Welsh Folklore, Giant
The original drawing I made for this print was a 3rd attempt at this image over 30 years, and the one I'm finally happy with. Originally, these old gents posed for a photo for me when I was a teenage street photographer, they were sat on a bench in Tenby, Wales. The idea to use them as the basis for a picture didn't come until my art college days, and then again when I left college I made a painting that was a bit ropey, and now this one. Finally, the giants can rest...
an old photo of two men and a woman dressed in costumes, sitting next to each other
Revival - Wall Art Giclee Print - Annwn, Wales, Welsh Folklore
An original Giclée art print available from Day Trip Art. In Annwn, everything is fine, but there is a revival going on. I made this image using some of the old photos in my collection. The image almost didn't make it to completion as I struggled with several elements. However, with a bit of time, a big old revival and some photoshop magic, I got there in the end. The print is available in two sizes.