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an image of two different pictures with one being a bear and the other is a fish
Eat The Bankers - The Final Bell Slice 90
I took part in a crypto-based artist's collab, where 100 artists each had a slice of a $100 bill to turn into an artwork. This was my entry, The mixed media drawing on the top, and the slice it was based on at the bottom. The idea was a 100 different pictures would combine to make a cohesive whole. Sadly, it didn't quite pan out...
an old photo of people standing in front of a house
When Idris Came Down From The Mountain - Digital NFT Artwork by David W J Lloyd
Based on the legends of the Welsh giant who made his home on Cadair Idris. My first-ever NFT only piece of artwork, made utilising a number of old photographs in my collection, and only ever available as an NFT.
an image of a man standing in the water with birds flying around him and a lighthouse behind him
Scavengers - Original Digital NFT Artwork By David W J Lloyd
A piece made exclusively to be sold as an NFT back in the heady days of 2021. It is still available to buy via Foundation.
an old fashioned photo of a woman with antlers on her head, in front of a
Lady Rut - Victorian Style CDV Portrait - Foundation NFT
I created Lady Rut as the source material for a drawing that features elsewhere here, the wife of the majestic Lord Rut, royalty in the magical land of Welsh mythology, Annwn. Here she's presented in a version that was made as an NFT in the style of a Victorian CDV portrait.
an old photo of two young children
The Rut Boys - Victorian CDV Style Portrait - Foundation NFT
This piece is part of a set of 3 Victorian CDV style portraits I made for sale as NFTs on Foundation. Their two parents feature as the other two, and will also be familiar to those that have seen the drawings, but this one is a one off digital piece that has never been translated to drawing.