Who remembers these form the 80's? Funny Feet are back! #80s #FunnyFeet

Walls Funny Feet - bring back memories of family holidays

Wizbit: ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way......  - This used to freak me out, but I loved it anyway!

Wizbit: ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way.ha ha this-a-way my oh my

School Dinners Recipes – Pink Custard

School dinners - sponge slab and pink custard. [I'd forgotten all about this, and it was on of the highlights of school dinners as well. Looking at it now gives me the horrors :) ]

Ivor the Engine  Television | DoYouRemember.co.uk

Ivor the Engine

Ivor the Engine. Totally loved Ivor, each evening at around tea time, just five minutes long:)

Aardvark and Ant

The Ant and The Aardvark.I forgot about this one. I think it was a part of the Pink Panther cartoons. I think Dean Martin voiced the ant.


Loved these! Seem to remember they always ended up in my little sisters mouth!

Had all of these   Rubik puzzles

wow forgot about the two round ones

Russ Abbott and Bella Emberg.Cooperman and Blunderwoman,if I remember correctly

Screwball Scramble. I used to play with this at my cousins I desperately wanted my mum to buy me one. But she never ; (

Screwball Scramble - I have been trying to remember the name of this game! I use to play with this for hours!

Bonanza: Ponderosa Party Time! Sunday night family event at our house.

Growing up, Westerns were one of my favorite tv genres. And the best of the best was Bonanza. Our family ALWAYS made sure we were home on Sunday night in time to watch it!

Transformers have always been cool and the same for most 1980's cartoons.

10 Classic Cartoon Cars

the original Transformers cartoon; probably my favorite cartoon from my childhood

Loved Worzel on Sunday afternoons.  Worzel Gummidge > I can still remember the song.  Can you?

You wear it well, Worzel, er... Rod

Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally. My fave childhood programme :)

asterix & obelix

Asterix, Obelix y la burbuja especulativa

and of course - Asterix and Obelix. the crazy magician was a pretty cool character. things-that-remind-me-of-my-childhood-india-in-the

Treasure Hunt....Anneka Rice (1982–1988) Annabel Croft (1989) Suzi Perry (2002–03). Presented by Kenneth Kendall (1982–89). Dermot Murnaghan (2002–03)

Anneka Rice Annabel Croft Suzi Perry Presented by Kenneth Kendall Dermot Murnaghan


Forget the rainforests, Rob says, we need to preserve the endangered species of slightly rubbish Saturday morning cartoons.