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This bottle design is really cool and it caught my eye because of the different colors and the pattern. I think this might be inspired by a different culture because of the design, but I'm not sure.

The goal was to create a coke bottle design that makes a statement on protecting Nature. My inspiration came from the totem poles and wood carving of Native Americans. Each bottle represents a totem pole that expresses the spiritual relationship be…

Limited Edition Coca-Cola Bottle Design by Chinese Artist, Chen Shaohua

As the world joins together for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games this summer, Coca-Cola has invited artists from around the globe to jointly depict what this monumental occasion means to them.

Club Coke 2006 limited edition 'South America' Coca-Cola Light bottle. (M5 collection)

Coca Cola, Brazil - Fashion Week in Sao Paulo - Who says: “Art and packaging design are hard to combine.” - Best In Packaging

This was part of the Tribute to Fashion charity project back in 2009; hmm.  I may have to crafty....

My absolute fave of the Italy-only Coke Light bottles - Moschino.'cos I love everything to do with Flamenco and I love Coca Cola! (fat Coke though, not Light :p)