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two open boxes sitting on the ground next to each other, one with a card in it
Wise Men’s Care Believes in Doing a Lot with Very Little
several different types of business cards and envelopes are shown in this graphic design process
Self Promotion Pack by Adrianna Napiorkowski -- Creative Brochure Ideas --Creative Brochure Ideas & Templates
an open box containing several books with the word un written on them and two small pieces of paper attached to it
This is a nice idea to have books for my portfolio contained in a little box. I could make the different booklets as d different skills like one with a yellow covert to show my illustration work a pink cover for personal work and a blue cover for commercial graphic design work
four wooden spoons are lined up in different colors and sizes, with labels on them
Student Spotlight: Revitalized Kmart Branding System
Kitchen Spoon packaging - be good for single packets for tea bags
a tube of face cream on a white background with the words feed good in it
Page 2 | Nouveautés
Page 2 | Nouveautés
a wine glass in a wooden box on a white background
Zephyr Glassware
School Project - Packaging DesignZephyr Glassware was created to offer premium glassware for yachting and sailing. The packaging was designed to withstand bounced from a rough sea and by integrating a tray reducing the risk of glassware slipping and bre…
four different types of plastic utensils are in a row on a white surface
Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit
◆ BACK IN STOCK ◆ Reduce your carbon footprint with our Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit, containing a fork, spoon, set of chopsticks and stainless steel straw. We all know that plastic is having a devastating impact on the planet, animals and our oceans (ocean animals in particular) so we want everyone to join us in saying no to single use plastics. Pop your Ethical Lifestyle Toolkit in your bag and lower your plastic consumption and impact on the world - you'll never need to use a single-use
three different types of business cards and envelopes are shown on the shelf in front of each other
Skinsmiths Brings Beauty To Minimalism
Skinsmiths Brings Beauty To Minimalism | Dieline
an open cardboard box with a white light bulb inside
18 Creative Sustainable Packaging Design Examples
Michelle Wang, Light Bulb - Sustainable Packaging Design #packaging #design #packagingdesign