Hannah Hoch

Hannah Hoch Aus der Sammlung: Aus einem ethnographischen Museum (From the Collection: From an Ethnographic Museum), Collage and gouache on paper, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh Bequeathed by Gabrielle Keiller, 1995

Hannah Hoch - Untitled, 1921 (photomontage

Hannah Hoch the woman in my "ten illustrations of women" series, was a German Dada artist , best known for her photomontage.

hannah hoch

Hannah Höch Indian Dancer: From an Ethnographic Museum, 1930 Cut-and-pasted printed paper and metallic foil on paper 10 x 8

Hannah Hoch

Hannah Höch—The Bride, 1933 - photomontage with collage elements, 7 x 7 inches. Even the simplest of her images are built from a complex array of pictorial fragments, which in the work of the teens and often reached reckless heights.