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collage mixed media still life
Charcoal Drawing, Skull WW2 Helmet and Grenade Still life, dystopia zombie apocalypse $175.00
Dazel Todd Sketch of eye tutorial, drawing tips.
I really love this.. of course tattoos of this nature are very "mainstream" and I wouldn't get something like this, but I like the idea, and would be cute as wall art!
MaryAnn Kline 6x6 oil
Inside, Outside & Inbetween - A' Level- Art Textiles Wellington College
by ~ayjaja on deviantART- Beautiful watercolor. I love eating pomegranates. Pink stained finger fun
I love everything about this! The cropping, the value study, the reflection in the eyes!
Cubist still life lesson plan
Mixed-Media Drawing/ Collage Project, still life drawing on collage of diifferent papers