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Siberian Tiger - Many conservation programs have been established to save the critically endangered Siberian tiger, whose numbers have dwindled to mere hundreds in the wild. (photo by Jason Morgan)

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There are only around 200 of the white tigers left in the world. I love white Bengal tigers. When my youngest was born my older children bought me one that was a stuffed animal and their sister one that was a baby that roared. So cute!

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Population of tigers has raised upto 30 percent in India since According to a report, Environment and Forest Minister Prakash Javadekar made this statement, while he was replying to question by Prathap Simha.

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Tiger is fastest animal on earth. Tiger has ability to catch his prey very fast. Tiger legs help him to run him fast.

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The Bengal Tiger report. The Bengal Tiger From head to tail, males can measure from two to three meters.

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Wild Cats - 0007 - Wild Cats - Stop paying gallery price for hand-painted animal paintings. Take a stretch down the track with beautiful animal oil paintings.

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In what distant deeps or skies / Burnt the fire of tine eyes? / On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire?

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Snarling Tiger - In the last century, tiger numbers fell from to and they now live in only seven percent of their historical range. If tigers are to survive in the wild, they need massive human intervention.