The Seed by ~paweljonca

A painting of a woman curled up underground like a seed and growing like the roots of a tree. Do you know who this is by? I can source the artist.

Motherland Chronicles #51 - Erin by zemotion

Motherland Chronicles - Erin by zemotion Photography: Zhang Jingna zemotion Model/Hair: Erin Taylor Makeup: Gregg Brockington Makeup Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Tiffany Liu, Yongyi Zhou Choker and chain: Julee M Clark

garretthawke: fantasy-art-engine:Koenigin Wehmut by Eve Ventrue fantasy-art-engine:Koenigin Wehmut by Eve Ventrue

The Magician of the Mountain of Death by Deharme

Varda [The Magician of the mountain of Death, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme on ArtStation]

Hydroponic by MarcelaBolivar

Illustrations by Marcela Bolivar Marcela Bolivar is a professional digital artist from Colombia specialized in photomontage techniques. “ All my compositions are based in photographs that undergo a.

I Spent 4 Months Hand-Cutting A Paper Microbe

Cut Microbe handcut paper) - Artist Rogan Brown (previously) recently completed work on this new cut paper sculpture titled Cut Microbe. inspired by the form of salmonella and ecoli bacteria

Pandora by Tom Bagshaw (This reminds me of the "Pandora" painting by Pre-Raphaelite artist, Dante Gabrie Rossetti)

beautifulbizarremag: “‘Motherland Chronicles - Eurydice’, 2014 by Zhang Jingna in Issue 008 Model: Joanna Bajena

crossconnectmag: “Wei Feng: Digital Gothic Wei Feng is a concept designer & illustrator from Shanghai, China. He is able to create dark, rickly textured, emotive paintings digitally.