Weight Watchers: Angel Hair Pasta and Chicken Bake

It's a simple recipe. Cook time is more like 45 minutes because of cooking the pasta and chicken. Pasta was burnt that was on top. Weight Watchers Chicken Angel Hair Pasta Bake Recipe - So easy! 4 WW points by

Spanish chickpea and spinach stew

Spanish chickpeas and spinach stew (garbanzos con espinacas) is delicious, nutritious and so to make. Tastes even better the day after it was made! It's naturally vegan and gluten free recipe

Weight Watcher's BLT Pasta Salad

Weight Watcher’s BLT Pasta Salad – Recipe Diaries - Weight Watcher Recipes use gluten free noodles

My sons love when I turkey meatliaf with a twist. Simply Filling Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, 2 points+try with heart tins

Mexican Casserole - 6.5 Weight Watcher Points

Healthy Food Mexican Casserole Weight Watcher Points - Serve with chopped green onions or lettuce and plenty of sour cream,, only weight watcher po

weight watchers bacon and potato chowder- in the crock pot of course! Bacon and Potato Chowder Crock Pot Recipe – 3 Point Value. Although I'm not sure if this is the point system or the Points Plus system.

Slimming Eats Spanish Chicken and Rice - gluten free, dairy free, Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly. I will substitute quorn for chicken and vegetarian stock.

20 High-Protein Recipes That Fill You Up

Prep minsCook mins Total mins 2 tbsp olive oil ½ cup onion, diced Red pepper flakes, to taste 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 cups sweet potatoes, diced 2 cups fresh shrimp 3 cups trimmed and coarsely chopped kale leaves Ground black pepper Salt In a…

S’mores Bark – Lay out Graham crackers for the crust. Spread mini marshmallows, pour melted chocolate on it, let it cool. And Voila! S’mores bark.

Skinny WW Chimichangas - Baked, not Fried. An excellent low fat chimchangas recipe. It is baked. Calories each. Replace ground beef for ground turkey or shredded chicken to reduce fat content