Debbie Pantling

Debbie Pantling

Debbie Pantling
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Calming Jar...Shake and watch until the glitter calms as cool down technique.

Calming Jar :: Time Out idea. Fill w/ hot water, add 1 tbs glitter glue, 3 tsp fine glitter, & a drop of blue food coloring. Have the child shake the jar & watch the glitter fall. When all the glitter has settled (and when the child has calmed down)

DIY Galaxy Jars create your own

DIY Galaxy Jars create your own: variation on glitter jars - add tempura or acrylic paints and cotton balls.

Travel Prep: What to do before you leave for vacation

Taking the time for proper travel preparation before you go on vacation will inevitably lead to a more satisfying and relaxing vacation.