Need to hunt for Super Hero themed tattoos and have a "Tattoo Shop" (or more cancer-fighting-orienting punny name) at Relay. Probably would not have to man or only man during a peak advertised 2-hour block, then leave supplies out for others to do their own.

How to Throw a Kids' Carnival Party

Temporary Tattoo Booth Temporary tattoos make memorable favors at a carnival-themed party. Set up a booth and enlist a grown-up to play tattoo artist. Get the Temporary Tattoo Clip Art. How fun!

Vintage Fairground-Themed Wedding Pictures ( Image Credit: Katherine Newman

Vintage Fairground-Themed Wedding Pictures (

..guess i have a liking for colourful things in the sky ^.^

"flag stream" color palette- perfect color combo to work with the curtains I already have.

Carnival Game Bean Bag Toss Game Fun Fair Game. $75.00, via Etsy.

Carnival Game Bean Bag Toss Game Fun Fair Game Vintage Game this is definitely a DIY project

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