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a wooden planter filled with plants on top of a brick walkway next to chairs
Sunday Project. Made from recycled pallet wood.
a wooden table with succulents and plants in it sitting on a deck
Succulent table made from a pallet
I loved working on this little project... a gorgeous succulent table for an outdoor space - and all from recycled materials! I made the main table from an old pallet, taken apart, cut to size, sanded, assembled and treated with linseed oil - then I lined it with an offcut of pond-liner before filling with a gritty compost mix and planting in the succulents. It's perfect as a small practical coffee tabel for a small outdoor space :)
a wooden table sitting on top of a red tile floor next to a garden area
Upcycled pallet to Bespoke Shelf unit
I absolutely loved working on my latest pallet project... with some sanding, paint and burning techniques I transformed it into a bespoke outdoor shelving unit! A splash of concrete paint and this unit has given this 'unloved' corner of the garden a real splash of character, I'm really pleased with the finished results :)
an old dresser is painted with flowers on it's sides and has been turned into a planter
a black and white drawing of a flower on a pole with water droplets all over it
Botanical Artist - Poppy Seed Head in Charcoal
Poppy Seed Head by Susannah Blaxill
a black and white photo of a dandelion
Cow Parsley Study In Mono by Judi Dicks - Digital Photographer
Botanical Art Painting ~ Eunike Nugroho #floral #illustration Siluete Umane, Cosmos Flowers, Anemone Flower, 수채화 그림, Art Et Illustration, Botanical Painting
Eunike Nugroho
Botanical Art Painting ~ Eunike Nugroho #floral #illustration
this is a watercolor painting of wildflowers and daisies on a white background
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a bouquet of wildflowers and daisies on a gray background
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Compass Music and Arts Center - 'Prelude to Spring: Botanical Art in Vermont'
watercolor cherry blossom branch with pink flowers
Free Vector | Watercolor cherry blossom branch background
Watercolor cherry blossom branch background Free Vector
a branch with pink flowers on it against a white background
Cherry Branch on White
Cherry Branch on White | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a watercolor painting of pink flowers on a tree branch with purple and white background
Cherry Blossom Printable Wall Art, Sakura Watercolor Painting_floral Spring Digital Print Download, Girls Bedroom Wall Decor - Etsy UK