Wall remains. One of my all time favorite walls!

One of my all time favorite walls!

d i s p l a y / a r r a n g e m e n t ; detail + structure. shape. ghosts of demolished houses

Photography by Marcus Buck. I love how you can see the cross section of the rooms. A great image to link with Rachel Whiteread's casts of a demolished building.

lovely decay...

Baxter House - dining room by

Not exactly a rendering but these images show perfectly the reality of building, and how important accurate sections are in your drawing presentations. What are sections best used for? - to show the transference of traffic (people in this domestic example) between different levels or storeys. Actually, these photos are artistically, quite beautiful!

from 'Ghost Architecture: Unconscious Art of Building Demolition' article :)

Dhravi Slum, Mumbai, India; Courtesy of Flickr User ToGa Wanderings; Licensed via Creative Commons

Slum Rehabilitation Promise to Mumbai's 20 Million

Dhravi Slum, Mumbai, India is home to nearly one million residents living far below accepted standards for living.

Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert Born 1979 in Reno, Nevada Lives and works in Brooklyn, New…

One of my all time favorite walls!

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Demolition Companies Melbourne specializes in partial demolitions, site…


Ghost building somewhere !

war damage

aqua photo art - broken walls - photography - thought provoking art


Despite this setting being broken down and abandoned, its been reconstructed in photo to form a new art form.


Luanda urban delirium, Angola by Eric Lafforgue

Oh man this is the best one I have ever seen. #ghosthouse #pittsburgh. Via #pittsburghisbeautiful

All the different walls and fireplaces left by the torn down row house.seen quite a few of these in Pittsburgh

I like how a section of this building is collapsing in on itself, I would like…

Sept 2001 ~ Deutsche Bank Building, Liberty Street, severely damaged in the attack on the World Trade Center. This building was originally known as 1 BT Plaza when it opened in the as the headquarters of the Bankers Trust Company.

The lower color pictogram is so prescient of the crane!

[daily dose of imagery] Once Upon a House

City wall. Photo: Åse Margrethe Hansen

City wall. Photo: Åse Margrethe Hansen