Alyssa Monks: NY based oil painter

Alyssa Monks: NY based oil painter I really love this oil painting because how realistic it appears to be. This piece shows great emphasis in the woman's face. This artist added emphasis by adding details to her face.

“Bodies have their own light which they consume to live: they burn, they are not lit from the outside.”  ― Egon Schiele

irene-eroticfanzine: “ Dear Londoner friends, you are lucky today! The Michael Hoppen Gallery has just launched its new exhibition about Brett Weston nude photographs. It is called Brett Weston: Nudes & Dunes and you definitely need to see these.

This looks exactly what I feel like

Daniel Regan TypeB photo series Personality Disorder Diagnosis as subject of investigation the veins carved their routes on her skin, he wondered how they'd look if they dug in, started caving inward.

Teen Depression, by Robert Carter I love the imagery behind this image, the idea that when suffering with depression the mind of the person is bresking into fractures.

What is mental health to you? What comes to mind when you hear mental health? Mental health is a very complex and often ignored topic amongst youth. The reality is young people also suffer from m.


Emotional & Mental Health Support: The Jed Foundation & Love is Louder

Your beautiful just the way you are.

No matter what society says is the "perfect" body, no body is perfect. But yours is beautiful just the way it is.