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Make a hit for your next brunch with these ham & cheese puffs.

Ham and Cheese Spinach Puffs- enjoy these stuffed flaky pastry squares with a simple salad for a satisfying brunch!

Best Mac & Cheese. Ever!

With shallots, Gruyère cheese, and a bacon-bread crumb topping!

25 Most Beautiful Tattoo Design Ideas Inspiration

Flying bird tattoo on shoulder for girls - spring tattoos – The Unique DIY Shoulder Tattoos which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Shoulder Tattoos ideas on spring tattoo ideas, girls tattoo image to Personalize yourselves.

Butterfly! :)

A small butterfly tattoo can represent many things like freedom, beauty and love. Check out this collection of 22 Awesome Small Butterfly Tattoo designs.

I love the power she is displaying in her eyes. the color focuses around a deep shade of green

ACCESSORIES INSPIRATION Origin unknown Dramatic eyeliner embodies the origins of kohl. Kohl was traditionally based on a mixture of grinned coal, applied around the eyes on both men and women.