Here are 21 flexible side gigs that pay over $20 per hour. - The Penny Hoarder

19 Side Jobs That Pay More Than $20 an Hour

21 side jobs that pay 21 an hour

Pull Tabs

Pull tabs from soft drink cans.I remember when sodas had these pull tabs. They were so sharp and dangerous!

70s purse

Hand-tooled leather bag - almost everyone had one - I made my own, and wish I still had it today!

Minion funny

The most lovable fun ones to learn from and spend time with!

#1970's ~ nail polish

Vintage Cutex Nail Polish Advertisement - I remember these cute little bottles! My first bottle of nail polish was one of these.

The Writer's Handbook

Helpful tips and tools for writing, inspiration and motivation. All items posted are made by me or. < writing tips + amazing synonyms

The 1970's Mood Ring...

The Mood Ring. I had one of these rockin' rings! I thought this thing was so amazing how it changed color. Can remember putting it on all my fingers to see if I could get a different mood out of different fingers. I also had a mood shirt!

These dainty gold ball stud earrings for children shine pretty in yellow gold. These gold stud kids earrings in the gold bead size to bead sizes are perfect for her first pair. Cute and classy, gold jewelry for children makes an id

Play lipstick

i started with pretend lipstick in the late and thus my lipstick addiction was born.

Before there were cell phones... (Photo only)

vintage pay phone - not sure what decade this is from - might be more The payphones I remember from the & were touchtone.

Using a pen or pencil to dial phone.

Using a pencil to dial phone. can still use a pencil to dial a phone.just punch buttons instead of dial.that is IF you still have a landline type of phone. I guess the pencil has been replaced by the stylus moreso these days.

Dr Scholls - I loved these in the 70's!

Cannot BELIEVE these are in a museum! Wooden base upcurved under metatarsal arch; adjustable leather strap, side stamped: Dr Scholls Made in Western Germany, "Northampton Museums & Art Gallery".

Batman and Robin - 1960's tv show

"Batman and Robin - I remember this show ! It was so corny but, it was fun to watch with its POW! And the Joker, the Penguin and other comic villains. Batman and Robin always won!


You could buy these at T,G, & Y. Better yet, Mom would make soap bubbles using dish soap in a saucer and the "wand" was an empty wooden spool of thread.

Buttons and old display cart

Buttons and old display cart - We used to buy these all the time from the dime store aka Ben Franklin Store.


old-coke-machine - pull it out of the hole In the basement of my college dorm