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Horse Jumps 10ft CUT Wood Cavaletti - Horse Tack

Horse Jump, I can make a variety of these. Half used for small jumps and flipped over as polls

Horse Jumping Exercise

This repeating series of bending lines is an excellent exercise for horse and rider. Start by Trotting jumps 1 & 3 and cantering out. As that becomes fluid, move to cantering

beginning jumping exercises horses - Google Search

Easy jumping exercises, back to basics for the advanced horse and rider to clean sweep the ribbons on show day.

good exercise

Polish your horse jumping skills with a simple gymnastics horse training exercise from Practical Horseman.

A few exercises to prepare you and your horse for jumping. These exercises are also great for balance and control!

The accuracy of your cues and your horse’s willingness to listen and cooperate are critical to smooth and accomplished riding.