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Quick Workout, 15 Minutes!!!!!!!! i hate mountain climbers... but this is easy enough to do at home- even w the girls awake!

15 minute arm workout Back Workout How to get rid of love handles and other tips Quick Workout, 15 Minutes! Fry fat in just 15 minute.

Golden and brown makeup tutorial.

A neutral for day or night! Try these Younique pigments for this look: Curious, Gorgeous and Confident on lid - infatuated & irresistible above

Mid-October (Composite of 3 pictures of the same group of trees, 1 sharp, 2 out of focus), Ursula Abresch


Daily Odd Compliment: If love is just a game, then I hope you're the only other player. And I also hope that there aren't any water levels. Like a sexy ass thief