Balancing Pompoms on Pool Noodles - fine motor activities for preschoolers

Pool Noodle Activities Fine Motor Fun

Balancing Pompoms on Pool Noodles - fine motor activities for preschoolers. This is a good activity for a parent to set up for their child to practice fine motor skills Tap the link to check out sensory toys!

Extra pour l'éveil sensoriel du tout-petit ! Les petites mains curieuses adorent aller farfouiller dans ces boites. Car...

Adapt into mailboxes for each student to share notes with each other or for touch and feel sensory box wall

Activity Time. STEM, Build A Dog Kennel

As part of our dog week, I thought that it would be a fun idea to build our small world dogs a kennel! This really engaged the monster.

Behaviour management mr potato head! Add an object when class good, remove if bad! Class get prize if he gets it all!

Potato head as a whole group behavior incentive. When the class is caught being good or behaving appropriately as a whole, we allow a student to add a Potato Head body part. Potato Head is completely together, we have a celebration.

Garden Maths - simple number bonds - from Rachel (",)

Garden Maths Ideas

Garden Maths - simple number bonds: Children use common elements that are found in a garden for learning recognition, ordering, counting, addition, and other mathematical principles.

Counting and simple addition from Rachel (",)

Spring-y Easter

We have been searching the internet high and low to find THE best Tuff Tray Inspiration on the web!  From small worlds to sensory play to...

44 Tuff Spot Play Ideas

Can you find the first letter in your name can you spell your name? Use different sized magnets to activate fine motor skills.