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Sustainable dresses and blouses in floral prints. It's what we do best.
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a woman holding flowers in front of a white wall with shadows on the walls behind her
a woman is walking down the street with flowers in her hand and she is wearing a white coat
a plate with some flowers on it sitting on the floor next to a bowl and spoon
a vase filled with yellow and white flowers on top of a table next to a wall
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a blue tarp with pink flowers growing out of it and tied to the side
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a pole that has some flowers in it and is attached to the side of it
Wallace Gardens
a chair filled with lots of flowers sitting next to a white wall on the sidewalk
a rear view mirror with flowers on it
a man with flowers on his head standing at the door of a subway train car
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keeping things circular About Uk, Landfill, Life, Goal, Circular Economy, Impact, Online Accessories, Luxury, Women
Sustainable Women's Luxury Clothing and Accessories Online | Deidei
Our goal at Deidei is to become part of a circular economy. We’re always making improvements to decrease our impact on the planet as we learn and grow. Our aim is for our pieces to be with you for a long time but when they do come to the end of their life, we don't want them to end up in landfill.
Sustainable Womenswear on Instagram: "💐💐💐 #sustainablestyle #sustainablefashion #choosewellbuyless #flowers #slimaarons #floralart #styleaddict #colourfulstyle #dopaminedressing" Dressing, Outfits, British, Sustainable Clothing, Sustainable Fashion, Women Wear, Floral Prints
Sustainable Womenswear on Instagram: "💐💐💐 #sustainablestyle #sustainablefashion #choosewellbuyless #flowers #slimaarons #floralart #styleaddict #colourfulstyle #dopaminedressing"
Sustainable Womenswear on Instagram: "Deidei Summer #summeraesthetic #summerstyle #summerfashion #fashionreels #sustainablestyle" Dresses, Summer, Fashion, On Instagram, Summer Aesthetic
Sustainable Womenswear on Instagram: "Deidei Summer #summeraesthetic #summerstyle #summerfashion #fashionreels #sustainablestyle"
Sustainable Womenswear on Instagram: "An Endless Summer Wearing the Maya Dress" Maya, Summer Wear
Sustainable Womenswear on Instagram: "An Endless Summer Wearing the Maya Dress"