Incredible striped floor, half wall. Reminds me of an old episode of the Avengers, Emma Peel keeps walking into the same room one room rotates so she opens the same door over and over then she walks into one of those spiral optical illusion tunnels..  I love this,  add some mirrors and Poof!  Dazed and Confused....

Tiles in Celeste Champagne & Tea Room by Productora Handmade tiles can be colour coordianated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios

drawings Surface Textile Designer - Eva Bellanger

Textile Design By Eva Bellanger

Laura Slater Textiles: February 2011

Laura Slater Textiles - Inspired by how block shapes are combined with different lines, textures and marks.

Fashion Illustration Presentation

Fashion Sketchbook - geometric fashion design & concept development for the chalky pastel, gem-inspired "Facets" collection; fashion portfolio // Nancy Robinson by sallie

laura slater

Laura Slater

laura slater - Inspired by how lines and textures are layered over block shapes. Like how she has printed brighter yellows over the darker black shapes.

St Pauls Place in Sheffield by Allies and Morrison Architects

Sheffield city centre carpark, St Paul’s Place, Sheffield Design: Allies and Morrison

Keld Helmer-Petersen

Keld Helmer-Petersen is a Danish photographer who achieved his international breakthrough in 1948 when he published 122 Farvefotograf.

Laura Slater, she is an amazing textile designer with a beautiful face.

Origin – London Design Festival 2011

Laura Slater, Layered lines, screen printed - Inspired by how they have overlaid design - what if I overlaid my wallpaper design, could this create an interesting and new composition?

Nigel Peake, Evening - A Walk in the City, 2016 Hermès

From 12 to 17 April during the Milan International Furniture Fair, Hermès will be exhibiting at the Teatro Vetra, Piazza Vetra, in a pavilion designed by the Mexican architect Mauricio Rocha.