MOUSIE - MOUSIE.....SPEARS GAMES c1963... I had this, I cant remember how you play it, but I remember it!

SPEARS GAMES I remember this game but with a huge orange wedge of cheese instead of the bucket. Can't remember how we played it but it was a game for pre-schoolers!

Mini Piano Electron ECHO.  I wish I still had these, I remember always getting them in different colors

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ?

Makes me, and every mother no doubt, remember how painful it was to step on these in my bare feet!

My dad and grandad both called this fizzy pop. It was always cream soda at grandparents house.

Corona Pop When I got too old for National Health Orange Juice I was allowed to choose one bottle of fizzy drink per week when we went to the Co op. What happened to these flavours?

anais anais 80s - Google Search

Oh, to be an adolescent in the reading Teen magazine, and wearing Anais Anais or Liz Claiborne.

I was never without these stick on earrings - even though I'd already had my ears pierced! I used to wear them as a bindi on my forehead as I was obsessed with the Pakistani lady who owned the corner shop!

Remember when you used stick-on earrings? One year for Christmas I received a white turtleneck and a variety of stick-on earrings to "decorate" the turtleneck. I was so hip.

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