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Why Does a Salad Cost More Than a Big Mac - food subsidies #government

So why does a salad cost more than a McDonald's Big Mac? Because of federal subsidies. This eye-opening image says it all. Meat and dairy account for a whopping of federal food subsidies compared to for vegetables and fruit.

Latino students are exposed to unhealthy snacks at school, but improved nutritional guidelines could change that.

Latino students are widely exposed to high-fat, high-sugar snacks and drinks sold in schools, but implementing stronger nutritional standards can yield healthier school snacks for this growing population at high risk of obesity.

healthy eating... a history of nutrition guidelines

"Some of us might like to reinstate this food guide from World War II because butter has its own food group." Exhibit at the National Archives: What's Cooking, Uncle Sam

so true :(

Appropriate portion sizes was one of my concerns when they came out with the new MyPlate version. I think it is just as flawed in providing nutrition education as the Food Guide Pyramid.

MyPyramid nutritional guidelines for children

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