Saatchi Art Artist: Koen Lybaert; Oil 2013 Painting "abstract N° 680 - SOLD"

abstract N° 680 - SOLD [Germany]

Saatchi Art: abstract N° 680 - SOLD [Germany] Painting by Koen Lybaert

Peeling poster wall

Peeling poster wall showing texture - possible background surface

Peeling Paint by i fatta

Layering enamel thickly onto silver wire in order for areas to flick off when cooling creates a highly textured layered surface similar to this peeling paint.


Rust , beauty in death

**a rusty metal rose

Double rustic metal rose on rusty iron stem

Ancient storm drain by Ian Cameron

Ancient storm drain by Ian Cameron - blue

Dead roses

Dead Roses by ShadowSTOCKCat// even when u keep roses to this point I still find them to be pretty. I do this every so often--art of its own and still pleasing to the eyes even in the state of decay.

Dead_Rose - DPNow Photo Gallery

Dead_Rose - DPNow Photo Gallery

Dead roses (+1 in comment) by Lindeberg Feller, via Flickr

Dead roses in comment)

Dead Roses 5 Photograph - Dead Roses 5 Fine Art Print - Kathi Shotwell

Dead Roses 5 Photograph by Kathi Shotwell

Le vieux cuivre a peint l'Arizona... / Arizona, painted by the old copper... / By Natasha Wheatland.

Le vieux cuivre a peint l'Arizona. / Arizona, painted by the old copper. / By Natasha Wheatland.