Nutella Cheesecake super yummy

Nutella Cheesecake: toasted hazelnuts give each bite a nice crunch. no eggs so no need to bake. Just beat cream cheese, sugar, and chill everything in the fridge for a few hours and you have this sinfully delicious cheesecake.

Awesome Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas | Family Holiday

Christmas Holly (Brush Embroidery) And Pine Cake This was our family holiday cake. White almond sour cream cake with BC icing. The holly.

Just one look at this chocolate and banana treat is enough to know it won't stay in the cake tin for long

Chocolate & banana cake

Didn't make the icing or use chocolate chips, it was really good as a plain chocolate and banana cake. Think I'll add some walnuts next time and it needed less than an hour in the oven (probably because I used a square cake tin in absence of a loaf tin)

caramel-toffee cheesecake

Caramel-Toffee Cheesecake Indulge in this creamy cheesecake, packed with brown sugar and oozing with smooth caramel sauce. We topped ours with toffee pieces for a sweet, crunchy finish.

New York-style toffee ripple cheesecake

New York-style toffee ripple cheesecake

New York-style toffee ripple cheesecake. I got to try the one Phil Vickery made in This Morning it was delicious.

Chocolate Banoffee Biscuit Balls - How to Make Chocolate Banoffee Biscuit Balls - Tasty VIDEO - YouTube

Chocolate Banoffee Biscuit Balls RECIPE: 1 Package Digestives - or substitute Graham Crackers 1 Banana 1 Can Dulce De Leche/Toffee* Chocolate for coatin.

Traditional Rich Fruit Cake - Woman And Home

This Traditional Rich Fruit Cake recipe is perfect for a Christmas, birthday or wedding cake. It matures well, so make as soon as you can and feed with a tablespoon or two of brandy every week; pierce the cake all over with a cocktail stick and pour over

Ginger cake with banana and caramel sauce

Ginger cake with banana and caramel sauce

This rich and sticky ginger cake is hard to resist, especially when served with a goey banana and caramel sauce.

Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake

Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake

Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake Self raising flour 2 Tbsp Cocoa Tsp Bicarbonate soda Caster Eggs Beaten 150 ml pint) Sunflower oil 150 ml pint) Semi skimmed Tbsp Golden syrupFor the Coating and Unsalted Icing Tbsp Cocoa PowderDrop of Milk

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