Alex Garant's gorgeously surreal portraits are painted to resemble double vision.

Gorgeously Surreal Portraits Painted to Resemble Double Vision

Camouflage Body Paintings is a collection of beautiful and creative art by Italian artist Johannes Stötter.

Italian artist Johannes Stötter is a body-painter. These are 10 impressive Stötter's body paints that will leave you speechless.

'Bruised Behind the Mask' Comments on Domestic Abuse #modern

Daryna Barykina Beauty and Fashion photographer creates photography project to raise awareness of Domestic Violence problem. “I hide my physical and emotional bruises underneath this "happy face" mask. pretending everything is fine, so

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration by Sam Spratt

Illustration inspiration

samspratt: “Eaten” - Illustration by Sam Spratt The product of about a week of work. You can snag a print of it HERE or the B version HERE A big thanks to the always lovely Tara Mackey for being such a genetically gifted human being.

Lita Cabellut - Contemporary Artist - Modern Figurative Painting - Memories Wrapped in Gold Paper

Lita Cabellut born a gipsy girl in the streets of El Raval in Barcelona, Cabellut was adopted at the age of