Router Cut Letters & Shapes

We can supply virtually any letter style or graphic shape cut from Foam PVC like Foamex, Aluminium Composite Material like Dibond, Acrylic like Perspex, MDF…
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"But first ket me take a selfie" Our super popular selfie frames are a must for any party or social gathering! Personalise and customise your frame to match any social media platform or we can design a frame thats totally bespoke to you! GET IN TOUCH!!! . . #selfie #party #props #eventpeople #event #officeparty #designer#designed #graphicsdesign #digital #selfies #derby #selfieframe #blogger #designblogger #birthday #wedding #christening #engagement #engaged #justmarried
two metal objects sitting next to each other on a white table with the letter e
Aluminium composite (AMC, dibond) is great for its excellent rigidity, it’s range of colours, it’s smooth flat surface, its ability to be cut and fabricated and it’s longevity. . Here at #derbysignandgraphics we use this material for a whole plethora of things from internal signage, lettering & plaques to high impact perimeter hoarding boards. . . #dibond #create #design #signage #signs #digitalart #bespoke #lettering #derbySAG #derby #smallbusiness #graphicdesign #router #print #hoarding #exhib
a black sign on the side of a building that says black n y in silver letters
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Built up brushed aluminium Letters. Cut in house on our CNC router. Get in touch to see how we can help transform your business with the use of bespoke made signs and graphics.
the letter e is made out of stainless steel and has a rounded design on it
Built up letters make those flat signs come to life and are mostly manufactured by an automated process, for increased accuracy and precision. We start by cutting the face and sides. The sides are then eased into the correct shape, making sure they are formed to follow the perimeter of the face. Everything is then bonded together for a letter that is strong, but also lightweight.
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Acrylic - LETTERCO
An example of a router cut stand off Acrylic letter. Our in house cutters can create almost any size shape, and style that perfectly matches your requirements and add various fixings dependent upon the fixing method employed.
there are many different colored folders in the circle
Acrylic - LETTERCO
Colour, Colour and more colour. We use Perspex Acrylic but sometimes use other brands when certain colours are required by clients.
the diagram shows how to install an aluminum composite material with different types of materials and sizes
Aluminium - LETTERCO
ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE MATERIAL (ACM) is also know by the trademarked names DIBOND, REYNOBOND, ALUPANEL, iBOND, and a few more. Essentially this material consists of a central Polyethylene core with a laminated skin of painted or brushed or textured aluminium skin bonded on either side. It comes in various thicknesses but the most common is 3mm thick. We stock this as standard but can always order thicker.
a close up of a door with the word beech on it
Acrylic - LETTERCO
Acrylic plaque with AMC backing material. ACM accepts Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering readily and makes an ideal backing plaque to Acrylic Plaques.