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The right design complement can give a touch of style and personality, enhancing a flat environment or highlighting the mood of an already eclectic room. If…
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a towel hanging on the wall next to a wooden hook with a bird decoration above it
#Woodpecker: #coathanger W 150 mm H 290 mm by #SlowWood. Wall mount coat hanger. The woodpecker element is hinged in the middle, free to swing in different positions. The woodpecker is perfectly balanced when a coat is hanging from its tail, while it lays gently on the support when not loaded. Discover more on
a clock that is on the side of a wall next to some fruit and vegetables
#Turi: #wallclock Ø26 cm in copper by #Internoitaliano. Memories hark back to Italian #kitchens of yesteryear, where pots and pans hang on the walls, as to show off the culinary skills of the hostess. Today, kitchens are being emptied out, becoming minimal; the only solid and ever-present reference remains the passing of time. The #contemporarydesign of Turi is accented by soft shapes that enhance both traditional material and craftsmanship.
a mirror and coat rack on the wall
#Tot: coat hooks available in different finishings by #Porada. Wall mounted #coathooks in ash with metal supports. To be hung alone or in combination with Tot Mirror. Discover more on Porada #highendfurniture on
three square mirrors are hanging on the wall in front of a mirror with white clothes
#Stender: clothes hanger W 120 cm by #EmmeBi. A practical and elegant #clotheshanger which can stand everywhere; it is folding and can be put also in very narrow spaces, in a house, in an office but also in a shop. #contract #emmebidesign #furniture #modernfurniture #contemporaryfurniture
a seashell on the beach with waves coming in
#Prestige: #MirrorTV available in different sizes and finishings by #Neod. NEOD Prestige combines the minimalistic design of the mirror TV with the sophisticated Rosewood finishings of the two top shaped-wood elements. Available in big formats, up to 65 inches, its technology is the latest Ultra HD from LOEWE. It is possible to request a RAL matt or glossy lacquered finishing for the wooden bands, following one of the most recognised NEOD features: the tailor made customisation.
three different colored vases sitting next to each other with a flower in the middle
#Noli: ceramic #flowervase by #Internoitaliano. Discover more on
a living room with white curtains and wooden flooring
#Mori: #screen by #SlowWood. Mori is a screen that expresses the aesthetics of full and empty. Its appearance depends on where you look, when you change your position its vision changes. It is like being in a forest, surrounded by trees: some are visibile others aren't, we enjoy the environment but we do not distinguish the complexity of all the forms. Discover Slow Wood world on and access special prices for architects and interior designers.
a wooden wall clock with birds perched on it's sides in a living room
L'Albero: #entrance unit available in different finihsings by Pacini & Cappellini. Entrance unit veneered ash on fiberboard. Equipped with chrome-plated knobs or “birds” clothes-hook in black painted metal. #interiordesign #designcomplements #complements #paciniecappellini #paciniandcappellini #designideas #moderndesign
three wooden poles are standing next to each other on the floor in front of a window
#Kali: #coathanger available in different finishings by Pacini & Cappellini. Discover more about #PacinieCappellini #highendfurniture on #designcomplements #complements #luxuryfurniture #livingroom #entrance
an open door leading to a stairway with bookshelves in the background and a painting on the wall
#Hook: #wallmirror H 180 cm with support in canaletta walnut by #Porada. Discover more about Porada #highendfurniture and #luxury #designcomplements on Special prices reserved for architects and interior designers, a 24/7 procurement service and all technical information you need.
an empty living room with wood floors and stone walls
Full Length: Mirror TV available in different sizes and finishings by Neod. Through its quest for form and functionality NEOD offers solutions integrating technology into the furniture & design, contract hotel and nautical sectors. A subtle balance between technology, design and content to stand out and generate innovative future ready customized solutions. Their aim is to make technology a resource for producing emotions, functional and evocative of new lifestyles. Creative mirrors, light effec
there is a large mirror in the middle of this room with shelves on both sides
Full Length: #MirrorTV available in different sizes and finishings by #Neod. An exclusive and customised solution. The traditional television, heart of the home environment, today reflects a future made of technology, flexibility and interactivity viewed from a perspective of environmental compatibility, energy saving and space optimisation. The FULL LENGTH range from NEOD is a unique piece of design, that distinguishes the environments in which it is placed. Available in 4 screen sizes - 32”, 4
a silver and green object on a white background
#FruitMama by #Alessi: #fruitholder ∅34 cm, in steel mirror polished with PA tree, green. An enormously successful design and the first by Giovannoni for Alessi, this was created as part of the Family Follows Fiction project, which exploded expectations of the shapes of a great many objects in the domestic landscape. #designcomplements #alessicomplements #alessidesign
a long hallway with several tall wooden sculptures
#Flamingo: clothes-stand available in different finishings by #Porada. Get inspired and discover the best #designcomplements at special prices for #architects and #interiordesigners. Visit
three fish shaped mirrors mounted to the wall above a mantle with wine glasses on it
#Fish: wall mirror 40 cm x 32 cm by Pacini&Cappellini. Hanging #wallmirror with chrome-plated metal details. Discover more on #PaciniandCappellini luxury furniture and access special prices reserved for interior designers on #fishmirror #designmirror #complements #designcomplements