Đòi quyền bình đẳng cho phụ nữ cũng là một sự kiến lớn trong thập kỷ này. Nó giúp người phụ nữ đấu tranh cho mình, sự kiện này cũng gây ảnh hưởng lớn cho thời trang lúc bấy giờ

An accidental martyr? The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse

Suffragette colours

The original choice by suffrogettes was:- Green - Give White - Women Violet - Vote

Photograph of Suffragette demonstrating at the Strand, written on the back: "One of the Suffragettes parading through the Strand, advertising the demonstration". Dated 1909.

Historic Photos of Women Voting Throughout the Years Museum of London/Heritage Images/Getty Image. Emmeline Pankhurst, among the most famous voices in the English suffrage movement, advertises a march for women's suffrage in

Suffragette Outfit

Downton Abbey era 'militant suffragettes' in England led by Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst sported purple, GREEN and white to show their support! American suffragettes led by "Iron-Jawed Angel" Alice Paul wore purple, GOLD and white!

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