Sensory herb garden by Anya Sparks ≈≈

might be a good idea to come up with garden for the kids to grow - get Granddaddy to build an extra raised bed for the kids. Sensory herb garden by Anya Sparks ≈≈

Mud garden! Could also use these for sensory tubs full of rice, wheat, beans, corn etc. that could be taken in when they are done with but the birds can do the sweep up!

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

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Sandpit area at Karana Early Education Centre ≈≈

Sandpit area at Karana Early Education Centre ≈≈ love the idea of the planks! And the sunken sandpit is easier to sweep the sand back in

Pallet Wooden Garden Gazebo Bench

Pallet Wooden Garden Gazebo Bench: The pallet woods are recycled and asembled with nails and screws to make the desired piece of pallet beauty.

Messy Maths area via Lucas Training and Consultancy (LTCL) ≈

This is a GREAT idea. Math has ya own section outside and it's titled " messy maths " which is creative!

Imaginative play in a tyre - creating small nature gardens

let the children play: imaginative play in a tyre. Great idea for natural small world play, will go great next to my new fairy garden!

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The Garden Classroom

OUTDOOR AREA PLANK SIGNS (5PK) - Rustic Writing - Literacy - Early Years - Cosy Direct

This set of plank signs are burnt with the different areas of any great natural play space.

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