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Our Real Shaker Kitchen range offers handcrafted kitchen designs inspired by authentic Shaker carpentry, renowned for its functionality, innovative joinery and…
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Welcome to the Flint House Kitchen...
Welcome to the Flint House Kitchen... #deVOLkitchens #kitchendesign #shakerkitchen
an old wooden table with a drawer on top and a pen resting on it's side
Kitchen Cabinets Makeover
The handwritten labels add a touch of personality and it’s fun to decide what you will put in your drawers, perfect for those of us who love to declutter and organise! #deVOLKitchens #Label #KitchenOrganisation
a ladder is leaning against the wall in front of a white hutch with dishes on it
Kitchen Shelf Styling
A green dream in Kyritz, Germany. We’ve got all the details of this lovely Shaker kitchen over on our journal thanks to the deVOL designer, Josie. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenStorage #KitchenDesign
an open kitchen and dining room with wooden flooring, green cabinets and counter tops
Designing a Calm Kitchen
There is something supremely satisfying about designing a room that gives you a feeling of pleasure, or calm or joy or excitement or all of the above! The key is to incorporate personality, individuality, passion and above all restraint. A room that can begin as a simple space with all the necessities and can be added to over time is a perfect way to achieve a look that is more organic than forced. #deVOLKitchens #ShakerKitchen #ApartmentKitchen Photography by Our Food Stories
a kitchen with white cupboards and shelves filled with plates, bowls and vases
Kitchen Storage
A big bank of floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage, painted in a soft pale greige and finished with brass knobs and catches. The middle section of the run is open with a marble worktop and three shelves, the backboard is tongue and groove. The other cupboards have closed doors and there is a ladder propped up against a full height cupboard on the left hand side. #deVOLKitchens #InteriorDesign #Greige Photography by Our Food Stories
a table and chairs in a small room
A Table for a Boho Kitchen
A kitchen table for this boho kitchen. It's simple, made of oak, and allows the other bold elements of this moody interior to shine. #deVOLKitchens #MoodyInteriors #KitchenTable
shelves with pots and pans on them in a kitchen
Kitchen Details
It makes sense that every aspect of a kitchen, right down to the knobs and handles, should be equally well designed and made. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenDesign #InteriorDesign
an open drawer with utensils and spoons in it on a wooden table
Modern Rustic Style
Modern rustic style has become carefully considered, thoughtfully made furniture by people with skill and vision for design and a desire to create something with provenance and soul. #deVOLKitchens #countrykitchen #countrystyle
a close up of a drawer with a mirror in the background and a potted plant behind it
Handmade Cup Handles
A natural sand-cast texture with a burnished finish. These handles have a gentle satin sheen and will develop their own aged patina within the first few months of handling. #deVOLKitchens #AgedBrass #CupHandles
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
A peek inside the pantry
A peek inside the pantry, and what a beautiful one it is too! #deVOLKitchens #Pantry #KitchenStorage
an open refrigerator in a kitchen with pink cabinets
A traditional but contemporary kitchen
A traditional but contemporary kitchen in South London. The doors are the prettiest Shaker design, but they conceal modern kitchen appliances! #deVOLKitchens #KitchenDesign #KitchenStorage
a kitchen with pink cabinets and marble counter tops, an island light hangs over it
A Large Open Plan Kitchen
A large open plan kitchen that leads into the sitting room, we couldn't think of anything better for our dream home! #deVOLKitchens #PinkInteriors #KitchenDesign
a kitchen with lots of cupboards and an island in the middle that has a marble counter top
Kitchen Organisation Done Right
Kitchen organisation done right, a pretty pink pantry cuboard with internal drawers and plenty of deep shelves to store all your food and kitchen accoutrement. #deVOLKitchens #PantryCupboard #Pantry
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or baking, as well as other things in the house
A Pretty Shaker Kitchen
A full room shot of a pretty Shaker kitchen in a grand room. The ceilings are high with a huge sash window on one wall. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenIsland #ShakerCabinets
a kitchen with pink cabinets and a white bowl on the counter
A Cosy Kitchen
The softest blush of colour that has a ‘barely there’ charm that mixes perfectly with bolder shades such as black, giving a feminine but glamorous look. #deVOLKitchens #PinkKitchen #KitchenStorage