Handmade Stools, Chairs & Tables by deVOL

All deVOL home accessories are handmade in our Leicestershire workshops. The eclectic range of gifts and one-offs is continually changing, offering unique and…
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a wooden table topped with two plates filled with fruit next to a book shelf and cabinets
A Kitchen Table by deVOL
For us the most essential ingredients for a kitchen are a pantry and a kitchen table, they will never date and will always be the very centre of your kitchen. There is nothing that will ever replace the joy of these two pieces of furniture in a kitchen. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenTable #KitchenFurniture
a room with a table, chair and potted plant next to a window in it
A traditional table for a modern kitchen
A traditional table for a modern kitchen. We love the understated beauty of this oak Vineyard table, it's a piece of timeless design that seems to work wherever we put it. #deVOLKitchens #DiningTable #KitchenTable
a cat sitting on top of a wooden stool next to a table and countertop
Kitchen Inspiration
Some inspiration if you're looking for kitchen colour ideas, and if you love cats too! #deVOLKitchens #KitchenInspiration #KitchenIdeas
a painting hanging on the wall next to a table with plates and flowers in it
Our brand new Grand Heirloom Platters
Our brand new Grand Heirloom Platters, much bigger than the original round plate, they are designed to be an impressive and perfect centrepiece. #deVOLKitchens #Homeware #Platters
A small kitchen diner setup, and it's also loved by the cats! #deVOLKitchens #BarStools #KitchenChairs Small Kitchen Diner, Kitchen Diner, Kitchen Chairs, Small Kitchen, Diner, Bar Stools
A small kitchen diner setup
A small kitchen diner setup, and it's also loved by the cats! #deVOLKitchens #BarStools #KitchenChairs
an orange cat sitting on top of a wooden stool next to a kitchen countertop
Kitchen Bar Stools
A stool so comfy even the cats love it! #deVOLKitchens #Cats #KitchenStool
a dining room table with four chairs under a window
A Neat and Pretty Dining Nook
This neat and pretty dining nook with fitted window seat (not by deVOL) and the ubiquitous café chairs is such an inviting spot, all topped off with a whimsical lampshade from the wonderful Beauvamp. #deVOLKitchens #DiningNook #InteriorDesign
a dining room table with chairs and a bench in front of a window that has pink shades on the windowsill
A Cosy Dining Room
Textiles are definitely back, they add a soft warmth and individuality to a room, you can imagine pulling down the blind and dimming the lights to create a wonderfully cosy and atmospheric place to while away an evening. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenTable #CurtainBlinds
a bowl of fruit sitting on top of a wooden table next to two brown chairs
The Perfect Kitchen...
When we think of our perfect kitchen, it has space, it has someone prepping the food with a spot for others to join in and it has a table to gather around. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenTable #InteriorDesign
a kitchen sink with gold faucets and white subway tile backsplash in the background
Aged Brass Taps by deVOL
We love the idea of all these taps aging beautifully and naturally and any marks that gather over time just adding to their beauty. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenTaps #KitchenSink
a wooden chair sitting in front of a counter top next to a bowl of fruit
The Bum Chair
A pretty little chair that may look dainty but is actually very sturdy and supremely comfortable. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenChair #DiningChair
a wooden table sitting on top of a tiled floor
Kitchen Flooring
Marble continues to be a favoured natural material in our homes due its traditional and timeless design. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenFlooring #MarbleTiles
a wooden table sitting on top of a tiled floor
Parisian White and Black Marble Floor Tiles
The Parisian White and Parisian Black Marble come together perfectly to create this classic floor, ideal for those who want to introduce a little grandeur to their home. The tumbled edge creates a slightly softer finish and gives the appearance of a reclaimed stone. #deVOLKitchens #MarbleFloor #ChequerboardFloor
a wooden table with two chairs next to it and a napkin on top of the table
Table Design
The table is designed with a clever rotating harp support so you can fold it away and carry it about with such ease. #deVOLKitchens #KitchenTable #RoundTable
a wooden table with chairs around it
A Humble Kitchen Table
A humble kitchen table made for laidback lunches and cosy evenings in... #deVOLKitchens #KitchenTable #DiningTable