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an old fashioned kitchen with wood floors and white walls
How Annie and Lachlan laced storybook Scottish castle with modern verve
an old building with tables and chairs in front of the windows, next to a tree
il rifugio perfetto
il rifugio perfetto | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an old building that has been gutted with cement
Emanuele Fidone, bruno messina · Restauro Convento di S.Maria di Gesù
bruno messina, Emanuele Fidone · Restauro Convento di S.Maria di Gesù · Divisare
four framed pictures hang on the wall above a fireplace in a living room with an old fashioned fire place
Elle Kemp @ Ridge & Furrow on Instagram: "Very simple. Splash of limewash, hang some pictures, job done."
a living room with a fire place next to a chair and table in front of a fireplace
Jayne Henderson on Instagram: "A chair for winter some favourites Photo 1. @studio_johnvolleman Photo 2. @jorisvanapersstudio Photo 3. @salvalopez @villacastelluccio Photo 4. @worldarchitectureinterior Photo 5. @christianelemieux Photo 6. @hendersonjayne @villacastelluccio Photo 7. @muted_and_moody Photo 8. @studio_johnvolleman Photo 9. @vincentvanduysen"