House in Kamimachi by Camp Design Inc

House in Kamimachi is a minimalist house located in Toyko, Japan, designed by Camp Design inc. The interior of the home consists of mainly .

Alemanys 5 by Anna Noguera

Medieval meets modern in Alemanys a project in Girona's historical quarter by architect Anna Noguera. Noguera and her husband originally purchased the 1

Crusch Alba by Gus Wüstemann - Dezeen

Crusch Alba by Gus Wüstemann

Image 25 of 31 from gallery of Crusch Alba / Gus Wüstemann Architects. Photograph by Bruno Helbling

Barcelona apartment refurb by Nook

Image 12 of 25 from gallery of Roc Cube / nook architects. Photograph by nieve

Barcelona apartment refurb by Nook

Nook's Barcelona apartment refurb removes walls but leaves original tiled floors intact _ Spanish architects Nook

Barcelona apartment refurb by Nook | architecture | Dezeen

Barcelona apartment refurb by Nook

Roc Cube, Apartment in Barcelona, third intervention - 2013 - Nook Architects

Barcelona apartment renovation by Spanish architect Carles Enrich

Carles Enrich inserts plywood box inside renovated Barcelona apartment

Spanish architect Carles Enrich inserted a plywood box beneath the vaulted ceilings of an apartment in Barcelona to create a new bathroom and kitchen unit.

French barn extension by GENS has cement shingles on facade

Open-air showers feature in these apartments and are shielded by concrete partitions and supplied with heated ground water.

John Hix designs off-grid concrete guesthouse for Caribbean island

This apartment inside a São Paulo block designed by the late modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer has been overhauled to reveal its original ribbed ceiling and board-marked concrete walls.

SuperLimão strips back São Paulo apartment in Oscar Niemeyer-designed building