Easy strawberry yogurt bark. A refreshing twist on eating yogurt and yummy snack for the kids!


ADD PISTACHIOS - Strawberry Yogurt Bark is a delectable dessert for the next baby shower or girls’ night. You only need two ingredients for this incredibly easy recipe and it goes great with fruity, refreshing cocktails.

Slimming World Egg Custard

Slimming world syn free egg custards. My husband loves egg custards but is yet to be converted to slimming world foods lol he says it's like real food just without the taste lol

Slimming World chocolate mousse

Slimming World chocolate mousse

This is another delicious recipe I found on the Slimming World website and couldn't resist. I've been trying to find a Slimming World dessert recipe that tasted good - too much sweetener and/or gel.

Half syn cake! Slimming world recipe...

half syn cake this is amazing. I sometimes add a tsp of light hot choc to the cake mix and the topping and add 2 syns

(Almost) Syn-free Cake | Low Syn Life

Slimming world recipe: Whole cake is a syn, so even if you eat half of it, it's hardly worth counting. it's a great way to satisfy a sweet or cake craving.

Elli Quark Red Velvet Truffles I gotta get my hands on this Elli Quark stuff!

Healthier Red Velvet Chocolate Truffles - Made with quark, something I am trying right this very minute for the first time! It's like Greek yogurt, but less tangy and more creamy. It's also technically not yogurt.