Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy and Grassy Narrows Chief Roger Fobister speak at Toronto new conference held to shed light on a little-known 2009 report that suggests mercury poisoning continues to affect people in Grassy Narrows and Wabeseemoong First Nations and that they are not receiving adequate medical care.

Mercury survivors neglected by government, First Nation claims

Mercury survivors neglected by government, Grassy Narrows First Nation claims - NewsWinnipeg.

Nick Roncato: people are committed to cleaning up mercury filled water

Ontario commits to 'full and rigorous mercury contamination assessment' at Dryden paper mill

Old deal struck to save jobs at Dryden paper mill costs Ontario in legal battle over mercury monitoring

Miss Howlett

Site near Grassy Narrows likely leaking mercury, study finds

Province’s dispute with mill owner threatens to delay Grassy Narrows cleanup


Environment Minister Glen Murray says the funds for the remediation of the English-Wabigoon River system will be used to design and implement the cleanup, and for long-term monitoring

Nick Roncato: water deemed unsafe to drink by first nations people

'People are not going to drink this toxic water another day,' acting chief says

A 2001 risk assessment of the water system at Grassy Narrows by the Bimose Tribal Council showed the presence of the same problems with turbidity and DBPs noted in a 2015 letter to the chief from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.



dyllan and Jordan koppers

dyllan and Jordan koppers


Demonstrations aren’t permitted in the chamber; a rally outside was expected to go ahead. The delegation from Grassy Narrows reserve near the Manitoba border is demanding clean up of mercury poisoning in local rivers.