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On a shelf in the shop was a little book that was propped open. It was Leisenring and Hidy's The Art of Tying The Wet-Fly and Fishing The Flymph. Inside, I found a treasure of patterns and some fishing instructions and I suddenly switched gears and began fishing these great little flies.

Wet flies have been around as long as fly fishing itself. Are they starting to see a renaissance? In fly tying circles at least, that may be the case, as tyers look for new challenges and new sources of inspiritaion.

Deer Hair Fly Tying Tips and Tricks - Fly Fisherman

You’ll also probably need double-edged shaving blades for smoothing the body, a bone or aluminum hair comb for removing underfur from the deer hair.

Video: How to Tie the Peacock and Partridge Wet Fly | Orvis News

Fly patterns may go in and out of style, but in general, if a fly catches fish, it will catch fish forever. The Peacock and Partridge has been around for centuries and was probably first tied to fish.

As the seasons start to slide by and we head into Autumn, the trout start to change their feeding behaviour.  With winter looming, it's a race to pack on as much fat as possible.  It's at this exciting time of the year that trout can become less picky, and can often be taken in shallow water.   Often the ticket to success here is having a near enough is good enough type pattern.  Enter the woolly bugger.  Arguably the most famous pattern of all time, and for good reason.   Here we tie our…

A great suggestive pattern for trout in still or moving water, at any time of the year. The first fly I ever tied was a Wooly Worn and later the Wooly Bugger.