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a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen
WATCH: Containers converted to suites | Globalnews.ca
Here's luxury wellsite accommodation for the oil patch engineer - your own suite inside a shipping container with @BigSteelBox. Take the tour with Global Okanagan.
a very tall building that has many different things on it
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Ultra-colorful Pod Residences
an unusual house built into the side of a hill
Underground House
an artist's rendering of a rooftop bar and restaurant in the city at night
Calgary Market Strong: $40 Million Sold as MARK Starts Construction. Developer Qualex Landmark announced today it has sold 140, one-and two bedrooms homes since opening its sales centre in February of this year.
a woman walking past a wall with lots of different colored donuts on it's side
World-renowned artist/author Douglas Coupland reveals his vision of Calgary for his 1st large-scale artwork in Alberta. Interpretation of Calgary, Alberta in the 21st Century is 4. 9 metres high and 4.1 metres wide and will be part of the Mark on 10th condo building being developed by Qualex-Landmark.
an artist's rendering of a rooftop bar and restaurant in the city at night
MARK’s rooftop residents’ club includes lounge with wet bar and Wi-Fi Internet, media centre, fully-equipped fitness centre, billiards table, seating for small or large gatherings and a cantilevered enclosed glass mezzanine above it all that offers panoramic views of Calgary’s downtown and its surrounding mountains.
the house is surrounded by trees and rocks in front of a waterfall that runs through it
Fallingwater pictures
some may consider cliche, but this building inspired me to become an architect!
an outdoor swimming pool next to a large building with wooden slats on the roof
Plett 6541+2 House by SAOTA
Well done!
a large couch sitting on top of a white floor covered in red and orange pillows
Eero Saarinen's Miller Residence
Retro yes, but something about the sunken living room looks cozy and mod.
a living room filled with lots of furniture
Sunken floors great for living rooms - bring them back.
a woman sitting on a red chair in front of a bookshelf
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Egg Chairs