Sensory Writing in Fairy Dust

Sensory Writing in Fairy Dust

Make a magical sensory tray for mark making and early writing using homemade fairy dust and exciting added extras! Such a fun way to ignite the imagination and enthusiasm for young children as they learn their letters and sight words in a playful, hands-o

continuous provision areas year 1

Write words in sand - we dig real shells out of a bucket of sand for graphing and this would be a great LA activity to add to our beach theme!

Reading - HFW Ring Around A Bottle - students toss the ring and say the word if…

Reading -Ring Around A Bottle - students toss the ring and say the word if they land on one (key words, phonic sounds)

Shake the jar, read the word...real or nonsense? Idea is described differently…

: SHAKE OF THE DAY! The special student of the day gets to shake the bucket when they arrive at school to see if he/she can make a CVC word. If the student makes a CVC word we will share it with class, and he/she gets a reward

Sight Word Play Dough

Sight Word Play Dough

Hands-on sight word activities are a motivating way to help children learn how to read common sight words. Making Sight Words in Play Dough with letter stampers creates a fun canvas to promote sight word recognition or.

Phonics fun today ... the children came up with this game.... someone 'sound…

A child could secretly select an object e. a dog and put it into a box, sound talk it - d.g, group draw what the believe it to be, we're they right? Let's look inside the box!

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