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Draw tall buildings from below. Fill half the page and then flood the sky with watercolor. ARTIST: Manuel J.

20 creative sketchbook examples to inspire high school Painting / Fine Art students

24 creative sketchbook examples to inspire Art students

This AS Art sketchbook page shows visual research at its purest. Students often forget that research doesn’t just involve analysing artist work; it includes the visual investigation of forms: drawing items from a range of angles and in a range of differen

Art Journal page by Christy Butters : acrylic paint, Gelli Print scraps, Stamping, StencilGirl stencil

Art journaling / Art journal inspiration / Page by Christy Butters: acrylic paint, Gelli print scraps, stamping, StencilGirl stencil

VCE Studio Arts folio by Heesu Kim

24 creative sketchbook examples to inspire Art students

Fine Art by Lei Xu. "Drinking Tea," 2001-2003- porcelain decorated with traditional Chinese motif. For me it is all about the simplicity of the sculpture defined by the colors and placement of cans.

21 Aluminum Can Creations

Xue Lei's Porcelain Crushed Cans, “Drinking Tea” series consists of crumpled soda cans made out of porcelain and traditional blue and white ink designs.


Take a look through our examples of sketchbooks from our Fine Art Course. All students are encouraged to work in our sized sketchbooks.

I’m searching - Carnet de travail Élisabeth Couloigner

Carnet de travail Élisabeth Couloigner i need to start filling entire pages in my sketch book,, i always seem to just create an singular image .