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a bathroom with pink wallpaper and a white bathtub next to a ladder that has a potted plant on it
Una habitación infantil para jugar y recuperar la ilusión | Slow life child
Slow life child, Blanca Hevia La interiorista propone una aplicación diferente y original del mosaico en su habitación infantil “Slow life child”. Invita a convertir el momento del baño en un juego. Para ello ha utilizado el servicio Art Factory de Hisbalit creando una rayuela de mosaico, integrada en la madera, en tonos grises y rosa pastel
a pink chair sitting next to a white table on top of a hard wood floor
Pastel Rustic Abstract Shapes Wallpaper Mural - Hovia
Love love love the pastel colours in this memphis wallpaper design. Girly pinks are offset by a pastel purple, all brought together by playful shapes. Accessorise with baby pinks and an array of textures to finish the look.
a room with a colorful wallpaper and an open door that has a clock next to it
Multi-Colored Geometric Triangles Wallpaper Mural - Hovia
Ready for a home filled with colour and joy? This geometric wallpaper design will embellish your walls with vibrant colours and funky patterns. It'll look great in hallway spaces!
a bedroom with a colorful wallpaper and bed in the foreground is a child's toy
Multi-Colored Geometric Triangles Wallpaper Mural - Hovia
Geometric Design comes in all different shapes and sizes, offering optical illusions and powerful colours. When you’re selecting the perfect print for your bedroom, some may seem more daunting than others, but when styled right they can look super modern and neat, yet fun, adding a pop of colour to yours, or your kid’s bedrooms. #wallpaper #murals #wallmurals #interior #design #home #homedecor #decor #accentwall #inspiration
a kitchen with green and white checkered flooring next to a red island in front of a window
A House That Makes You Smile
Eclectic and Colorful Decorating Ideas : Page 20 : Decorating : Home & Garden Television
a kitchen with an island in the middle of it
Eclectic Home Tour - Alison Kandler Beach Cottage
Tour the colorful beach cottage designed by Alison Kandler. This home has a vibrant mix of color and pattern with tons of personality.
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a place for cooking or baking
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.Indoor plant ideas Plant style
a kitchen with green cabinets and an island in the middle, surrounded by black and white checkered flooring
Casa Impressionante em Sevilha!
O Blog de Decoração Puxe a Cadeira e Sente! traz fotos e dicas para decorar a sua casa, faça você mesma e muito mais...
a kitchen with blue counter tops and stools next to an island in the middle
22 Blue Backsplash Ideas Add Welcoming Color While You Cook
Bring the turquoise hues of the ocean into your kitchen with a sea glass backsplash. The bright mini arabesque pattern adds energy to the room while a sandy wall color and white cabinetry help keep the tiles from overwhelming the space./
a kitchen with green cabinets, yellow chairs and a wooden table in the foreground
DontPayFull Blog - Shopping Guides & Money Savings Tips
Unity & Variety: The splashes of different colors give the room variety, not completely matching anything in the room. Yet it has variety because of the color all complimenting one another and tying it all together.
a kitchen with white cabinets and blue island
Covet House | Inspirations and Ideas
Improve your culinary skills in a wonderful contemporary kitchen! Take a look at the board and let you inspiring! See more clicking on the image.
two stools in front of a kitchen island with three chairs and a stove top oven
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#kitchen / dining / living room / Gigi's Candy-Colored London…