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a river running through a city with tall buildings on both sides and mountains in the background
A few of 'my favorite things' in Salzburg - Mum's Gone To ...
A few of 'my favorite things' in Salzburg
a display in a store filled with lots of different types of foods and desserts
Christmas in Salzburg – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
a large white building with green domes on it's roof and trees in the foreground
One Day in Vienna: Old Town Delights - Tanama Tales
Vienna's Old Town is surrounded by the Ringstrasse or Road Ring and it contains the city's main palaces, museums, cafes and churches.
people skating on an ice rink with the words how to spend a romantic weekend in vienna
A Surprise Trip to Vienna, Austria
How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in Vienna, Austria - California Globetrotter
autumn in halsaa, austria with text overlaying the image and fall foliage
Autumn in Hallstatt, Austria!
Autumn in Hallstatt, Austria - California Globetrotter