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Next Stop Atlantic: How Old New York Subway Cars Became Artificial Reefs - CityLab.NYC uses old Subway cabs as an artificial reef.


Stunning Photos Showing NYC Subway Cars Being Dumped Into the Ocean to become base for coral reef


Photographer Stephen Mallon took photos of New York City's discarded subway cars as they are tossed into the ocean, over a period of two an.


Upholstered with luminous sponges and corals, the bridge of the U. Coast Guard Cutter Duane attracts schools of smallmouth grunts—and divers. The ship was intentionally sunk in 1987 off Key Largo, FL to create an artificial reef 120 feet meters) deep.


Photographer Stephen Mallon has spent the last three years tracking decommissioned NYC subway trains as they are sent to the ocean to become artificial reefs.


Photographer Stephen Mallon captured pictures of disused subway cars being loaded up onto a barge and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean to make an artificial coral reef.

storage around door

Clever Built-Ins for Small Spaces - These shelves that fit around a door, by Lauren Rubin Architecture, are a clever way to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small space, and they give the doorway a little extra presence.