Artisan shepherd's hut in Sussex

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Artisan shepherd's hut in Sussex These little shepard's huts would also make a lovely guest lodge

If only my craft shed were like this I'd be more inspired

Posh Sewing Shed, Workshop/Studio from Under the cherry Tree owned by Manjit

I want a special place like this!     junkaholique: shed

Cant get enough of the idea of having a small garden shed craft and sewing space. Need a yard big enough to put it in though . - junkaholique: in the garden. Lol move your craft room to the shed momma 🙊 Nelson Russell

paint inside of shed white...............well mine's never going to look this tidy (would that it could!) but the light would reflect well.

Junkaholique Sheds

Craft shed :I have a room just this size in my house. It is currently just stuffed with boxes and I had envisioned this instead when I got this place. First thing would have been to paint it white.

Is this the prettiest garden shed in existence?!

ladies, it's time for She Sheds. She Sheds are the female equivalent of the man cave, except (obviously) better. It's a place for a woman to relax and do her thang, without men (or children) around. It's her place to decorate, enjoy …