Robert Macaulay Stevenson (Scottish, 1854-1952)

(painted: by Robert Macaulay Stevenson (Scottish, Oil on canvas, x cm. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum,.

Hase-dera temple, Nara

Hase-dera Temple (via Umashi Beautiful Nara: photo part)

Kate Downie - The Quarry Path

A lot of water added to the watercolour to this sketch to give it a light, washed out appearance.

by Robert Macaulay Stevenson (Scottish, 1854-1952)

Moonlit LandscapeMoonlit Landscape by Robert Macaulay Stevenson Glasgow Museums Oil on canvas, 61 x cm Collection: Glasgow Museums

The Shadow, The Thorn, The Cloud

"The Shadow, The Thorn, The Cloud" (David Tress). Great use of texture, scraping

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